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ShareBuds MX2 — World's first friendship headphones let you listen to your favorite music or movies with a friend, anytime, anywhere…No headphones splitter required. ShareBuds™ works with iPod, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle Fire, Surface, PC, MacBooks, Android & Gaming Devices. It is more fun to listen to music together.

ShareBuds, 2 Best Friends, 1 iPod

Listen to your iTunes library, Spotify™playlist, Pandora™ and other music services together with a friend.

Share Music, Movies & Audiobooks

The song is only half as good as it should be, which is exactly why ShareBuds exist. They solve a problem...I can think of at least ten examples where ShareBuds would have come in handy.

Perfect For Your Next Getaway!

A new and fun way to listen together.
Perfect for getaways, honeymoons, vacations or just hanging out.